Q. How does Kustom Kink Pinups work?

A. It’s easy! Simply make your request (250 characters or less), send it in, make your payment through ?”? and Dick will get started on it right away. When it’s been completed we will email you the image and mail the original to you in the mail right away. (Kustom Kink Pinups are mailed flat, with a strong piece of foam board to ensure rigidity – they are also drawn that way.)

Q. How crazy can I go with my Kustom Kink order request?

A. Well, like most things in life, there are some limitations. Try to keep your request limited to Bunny and her immediate surroundings. The examples provided are pretty good indications of what to expect for your original Bunny art, although there can be some exceptions.

Q. Will you honour ANY request?

A. Within reason. There are some things “Dick don’t dig”, but we’ll let you know if your request can’t be met, and will immediately return your payment.

Q. How long must I wait for my Original Bunny Kustom Kink art to arrive?

A. Depending on volume and complexity of requests, and the time for delivery service, you can expect your Original Bunny art in about three to four weeks. Along with being sick, twisted and demented, Dick Napalm is pretty fast with the brush.

We would also like to mention that, in the event that your Kustom Kink request fails to make it to its destination, it is likely that one of the following events have occurred:

1. Your package was stopped, opened and held at customs;

2. Your package fell through the cracks of the courier service;

3. The address given to our lovely secretary was incorrect or incomplete.

Once a package leaves our lair and enters the world on the way to your hot hands, we are in no way shape or form responsible for any fate, including acts of God. There will be no refund or re-do. We can, however send a copy of the original or a digital copy to you.

Q. I hate it when people think that I’m a sick, twisted pervert by enjoying women in bondage and distress. Can I be sure of your utmost discretion?

A. Absolutely! Dick hates that too! So, you can be sure that any package that arrives at your dwelling will, in no way, shape or form include and markings that identify it as adult material. We also offer the same discretion to people who don’t give a shit either way.

Q. Can I request a bondage victim of my choosing?

A. Perhaps, in time, but for right now, we’d like to keep it to Bunny. Dick really likes drawing her and besides she can take a lot!