Poor Bunny! She’s been kidnapped by gangsters, and dragged to an abandoned hotel at the edge of town. Once there, the goons try to persuade her to ‘give up’ the location of the lead witness in the Big Boss’ upcoming trial.

Between the brass knuckle facials, general full body beatings, and baseball bats to the boobs and belly, Bunny tries to explain that she doesn’t know any witness… she was only asking that nice policeman directions to the new shoe store. And one good look at Bunny, you KNOW she doesn’t know anything. But, still, the thugs don’t buy it. They keep pumping her for information, using electrical shocks strategically administered to her head, nipples and crotch, pliers to her very sensitive body areas, a crowbar is used to pry open her belly button, carefully placed cigarette butts are put out on and in her, she gets the obligatory hammers to her knees and feet, and other hideous inventions of interrogation in their attempt to as they put it, “Break the bitch!”

Days later, after subjecting Bunny’s bodacious body to the best of their persuasion techniques, the mobsters give up and fit her for a new pair of shoes to replace her six inch stiletto’s … the cement kind.

Lucky for Bunny, just moments after being dumped into a shallow pond, a fisherman rows by and hooks her left nipple, dragging her to the surface, saving her for yet another ordeal.