Will Bunny EVER learn?! Every time she dresses up in cosplay or for Halloween, she becomes the victim of mistaken identity and is summarily captured, and treated to horrific tortures, slavery and sexual destruction!

In a way, I hope it never ends really because her stupidity grants us so much entertainment at her expense!

Unfortunately, this may be the last mistake that she ever makes! She has dressed I slutty Wonder Woman attire! This is one of the Super Heroine Heavyweights with all sorts of ultra evil monster criminals out to destroy her…slowly and painfully in the best case scenario….

Once again, mere minutes after stepping out in her Wonder Whore outfit, Bunny is captured by a longtime nemesis, Doctor Fragg! He was a military scientist and doctor for the Nazis in WW 2, and has remained alive due to his incredible knowledge of chemicals, elements and acute science acumen!

Wonder Woman has thwarted his plans for world domination countless time, and now, sensing that he has captured a weakened super heroine, will take all of his vast scientific knowledge and use it to make her last months on Earth the most excruciating!

After having her beaten close to death by a giant Gorilla Robot creature, she is electrocuted to the point where she begs to be killed, then treated to time in the centrifuge machine where she is almost turned to a liquid. She is placed in a desiccation tube where all of her body moisture is slowly, painfully, leeched, then restored in the saline tank and hydrated to the point where stretch marks form all over her body!

A horrible array of dangerous radiation beams, gasses and the combinations of both are tested on her body…the results were…an atrocity…!

Once Bunny is done recovering in her underground cell…actually rotting and trying her best to fight off the effects of the testing and failing, the chains shackling her bare feet haul her up the surface of the dungeon. The giant robot ape attacks her inverted naked body and beats her into a pulpy state. When she awakens, she realizes that she was hastily dressed in her Wonder Woman costume and now sits, shackled to a heavy wall fixture.

Doctor Fragg enters the room and in a heavy Nazi accent explains how she will finally be destroyed for good by his next, final torture! He says that he will simultaneously pump several toxic, corrosive, poisonous chemicals into her body, like a week long lethal injection execution. In this case however, instead of the prisoner having special care given so that the procedure is painless and humane, for Bunny, the opposite will be observed!

After the hoses have been securely applied to Bunny’s body, the various fluids begin to pump into her! The pain would be enough to cause any living creature to lose consciousness, but thankfully, one of the liquids keep Bunny hyper sensitive and awake to experience the entire ordeal!

After two weeks of experiencing the chemo-atrocity, Bunny’s life signs begin to ebb, and it is just then that the secret base of the good Doctor Fragg, is invaded by a special forces team of elite soldiers! After a two day siege of his fortress they finally find Bunny, or what’s left of her, and save her carcass for another pain wracked adventure!