“Oh Melvie, you incredible hunk o’ man, you turned our old tool shed to a big ol’ water torture device!”

“Yep, Greta honey, I did it all fer you, cuz I know you really wanna break this bitch!”

So the massive Melvin has taken Bunny and secured her to the floor of a massive water torture device in order to get her to break and become their slave. He literally bolts her to the floor, and crushes her head in a vise so that she can’t move an inch and all that she can experience is the relentless dripping of water on her exposed body.

Traditionally, the water torture device would be used to drip on one sensitive part of the victims’ helpless body until they went completely mad. This was usually the forehead, but often it could also be just a nipple, a spot above the crotch, or the belly. For Bunny, the sadistic monster Melvin chose four spots, her fore head, between her breasts, directly into her belly button, and right above her pussy. Generally people begin to break over the course of a few excruciating hours, but as the pair leave Bunny to her fate, it’s clear to see from the water tower above the shed, that they plan to leave her there a lot longer!

“Come on Greta, let’s leave this stupid piece of meat suffer a few billion drops of water and see what’s left o’ her in a few days..”

“Just knowing dat she’s squirming in here under the stress of th’ water torture’s makin’ me horny an’ wet….See ya later bitch, don’t forget to suffer!”

How can Bunny resist the terrible erosive, maddening, effects of the water torture? Will she finally break and become the lowly slave of the sadistic monsters for the rest of her wretched life? See what happens to her next week!