Can Bunny’s magnificent rack survive such vicious treatment? In an effort to get Bunny to agree to be their slave for life, two maniac sadists work her over repeatedly and each punishment to her body is worse and worse…! They tell her that if she blinks at them twice during her torture they will stop punishing her, but, doing so will make her a live in slave and possibly put her in positions of worse treatment….at very least many different positions…

It’s the pair against her ‘pair’ in a brutal battle of wills as her captors remove her body from their deep dungeon hole and introduce her and her miraculously healed tits to the breast vice. She is sat down bare-assed on the stool, her breasts are placed firmly between the jaws of the cruel device and ‘Melvie’ the strong-as-an-ox masked monster begins to press down with great force on her globes…

‘If’n you don’t blink fer us ta stop an’ be our bitch slave, ole Melvie here’s gonna pop those ugly udders o’ yours, ya hear me cunt?!”

But Bunny still doesn’t get the idea so her tits become flattened first to a bicycle tire…then to a pancake …then…excruciatingly and over a long period of time…to a crepe! Her flesh oozes out of the sides of the wrecking machine as the monsters look on in disbelief….Bunny’s eyes flutter…is she blinking twice? Has she had enough!? Did her tit terrorists win? No….she was only passing out from acute pain again…Too bad for her, this only angers her captors!

Anger turns to more sadistic thoughts and Greta, insane with her captured cutie’s ability to spit in the eye of their generous offer to become a slave slut, takes it upon herself to teach Bunny the error of her ways. She attaches high voltage wires to bunny’s beaten boobs and tries to reduce them to heaps of ash with a hand held voltage controller! Each time Bunny refuses to blink correctly, her tits boil with hundreds of volts of raw electricity…And Greta, being the super bitch that she is, continues to horribly zap Bunny long past the point that she has passed out..In fact, Melvin had to come in to stop her before she electro bombed Bunny into the next life!

‘Look sweetie, she ain’t even movin’ any mores’..ya can’t zap a dead cow…lookit her tits…they can’t take any more ‘lectricity to ’em…dey’s haddit…”

“NO! I wanna see dis cunt suffer! I wanna hear her cry when she wakes up and sees ‘er tits! I wanna make ’em black and fall off! I wanna….”

“It’s okay Greta dear..we’s gonna fuck ‘er up real good next time…let me show’s ya whut I been wokin’ on out back!”

Next week, we find out too, and it does not look good for Bunny, at ALL!