Blink once Bunny, that means you want to have your body continue to receive horrible sadistic torment, blink twice, the pain stops…BUT, you and your body become slave property of these two sadistic weirdos…It’s a lose-lose situation…one that our heroine is more than accustomed to!

Since she didn’t make a blinking decision, either way, the demented duo, make good on their promise to increase the level of discomfort on Bunny’s already whipped and welted body. They trade in their whips for brutal bamboo canes and thoroughly beat Bunny like a sexy high heeled pinata! But it’s not candies that come out of her battered body, it’s sweat, welts, bruises, tears and drool! Even through the tight gag, Bunny gets drool all over her glistening body as the pair beat her to exhaustion…They don’t just beat her with the bamboo either…every once in a while, when she’s positioned right, she gets bludgeoned too! A blunt end to the forehead, a gouge to her deep belly button, a penetrating poke to between her sweet ass cheeks…it’s BRUTAL…

The tired twosome give Bunny a ten-minute break before going at her again. They do her the favor of checking her blink response for a sign, but when she simply stares blankly at them, it’s time for another round..this time with heavy leather studded belts! You would think that after all that she’s been through so far the belts alone would be horrific enough…No, these sadists are sicker and twisted than you’d imagine and use the buckle ends of the belts to turn Bunny’s body into a sickening canvas of pain! When they stop, even our tough tart is exhausted to the point of unconsciousness and the torture freaks are again denied their decisive blink…

“What do we gotta do to this twat to break her Melvie? I ain’t seen no bitch resist this kinda beatin’ and hold out!”

Maybe we gotta mover her on to some worsed treatment…her tits look like a good place to break her…”

“I agree wit’cha on dat Melvie…git her carcass set up”

To be horrifically continued next week!