Oh the Horror! In an effort to get their captive, our heroine Bunny, to blink an affirmative two blinks to stop her punishment and accept her fate as a slave, the maniac sadists put her to even worse torture!

This time they set their sights on destroying Bunny’s two most famous prized possessions…her giant tit rack! You might say, “They have ways of making her blink!” They tie the naked prey ‘Y’ style to a beam placing thick rough hemp nooses around her glistening globes and each time that she doesn’t blink correctly, a giant cannon ball is placed at the end of the pulley attached to the nooses both pulling them and constricting them! By the time they run out of cannon balls, Bunny’s tits look like grape lollipops dripping with sweat and whatever is squeezed out of her nipples…She remains conscious for a whole hour after the tenth and last heavy iron sphere is attached to her tit rending torture, but that is only so that she can be electro-blasted with a fully charged cattle prod on her now giant stretched out nipples! Her unconscious body is taken down from it’s horrible perch and the rope, so firmly imbedded into her tit flesh has to be cut away…Her captors amazed at the stamina of their captured hottie, prove that mercy is for the weak, and immediately place her battered jugs on a stool, making her kneel bare-legged on the rough wooden floor. A tight bungee cord is placed around her rack and fits nicely into the brutal grooves in her flesh from the last tit ordeal. This keeps her titties from falling off the stool surface, and as ‘Melvie’ holds her down, Greta begins a terrible campaign of bullwhip lashes to the beat up breasts of Bunny. Her tits are whipped so hard, Bunny’s brain again gives out from the brutality and shuts off. This doesn’t stop Greta from continuing a full twenty-five minutes afterwards in an insane rampage!

‘Huhhh…Huhhh…Lookit her tits Melvie! Ah can’t barely believe she still got any skin on ’em th’ way I bin whippin er’…Whatta we gotta do to this fat bitch?”

“Don’t worry Greta bay-bee..I got sumpin’ fer dem udders she aint gonna like!

“Ah like th’ way ya think Melvie honey…she gonna blink or she gonna die!”

Uh oh! Just when you think Bunny can’t take ant more tit trauma, there’s always next week’s instalment! Be here for the next excruciating chapter!