Bunny, definitely not dressed for success in nothing but a dog collar, thumb cuffs and six-inch stiletto open toed high heels, is led from one torture device to another hundred or so in order to break her and force her to become a slave to the two torture crazy sadists…

For her to comply to being their slave, she was told to blink twice in agreement, or blink only once if she felt that she still needed persuading…this puzzled Bunny as she was never all that bright, and to make matters worse, she couldn’t just tell the duo that she had had enough pain, and she would gladly be their slave, as she was tightly gagged in order to stifle her screams of pain….

Of course this mess of misunderstandings have cost Bunny’s body greatly as the pair have inflicted enough pain and torture on the poor girl as humanly possible thinking that she was resisting the whole time. Her pain would increase tenfold each time it was perceived that she was resisting until it culminated in a week long stay of her naked body in a giant water torture device. While being destroyed mentally and physically on this protracted torture, Bunny chewed through and ate her gag. Now with the ability to simply agree to be the perverted couples’ slave, Bunny….slowly begins to articulate to the couple, now leading her to more body changing torture devices, that YES, she will be their slave, and really, all they had to do was ask!!!

Needless to say, this comes as a shock to the sadists, but, satisfied with the horrors they inflicted on their victim, and the fact that they eventually got what they wanted in the end anyway, they firmly embrace their new slave and immediately put her to work.

It isn’t long however before they realize that no matter how much Bunny is beaten, fucked and tortured, she’s still a lazy good for nothing bitch at heart. The demented sadistic perverts catch Bunny lazing around constantly…she even slacks off giving them good head…This will not stand! She is repeatedly tortured and severely disciplined for each infraction….But as the saying goes, “You can’t teach an old whore new tricks…” or something like that…Next week we find what lengths Bunny’s captors will go to to teach her some obedience…!