Will horrors ever cease?

The terrible twosome have left Bunny in the giant water torture machine for a full week! The door creaks open and they enter to find their victim still bolted to the floor but completely unconscious and unresponsive to being stomped on the belly to wake her up….

“Look Greta, she’s eaten her gag….’wonder what state she’s in…”

“She’s fuckin’ destroyed Melvie…lookit the dent in her forehead…and ‘tween her tits and over her cunt…her belly buttons’ bin bored down t’ Chinee…I can’t barely see th’ bottom o’ it…she must be water logged like a big ol’ tree branch under th’ swamp…”

“How we gonna wake ‘er up?”

“Here, I got just th’ thing”

Greta pulls a cattle prod out of her jeans and places it directly on Bunny’s water soaked clit…ZAAAAAP!

Bunny’s eyes open wide at the shock wave basting her clit! “AHHHHHHHHHHH” She screams, then lets out a string of completely incoherent gibberish, her mind completely obliterated from the week long wear down of the incessant water droplets…Her constant gibberish and wailing and screams continue as Melvie begins releasing her head from the vice and unbolting her body from the floor…

“Ah think, we’s done fucked her up irreversibly Greta”

“Oh I think Ahm gonna bring ‘er back to ‘er senses right quick Melvie…a little pain woke th’ bitch up…a LOT o’ pain gonna set ‘er right again!” “ Melvie, get a collar and thumb cuffs on dis stupid twat”

So, as usual, it looks like Bunny, who’s been annihilated on the water torture, is in for some more pain…Yes, that’s certainly in her future and pretty much a guarantee, but something surprising happens on the way back to the soul crushing torture dungeon.. Find out next week!