Sorry for the late update today. My web guy is literally the worst. On with the show!

Bunny gets wind of a big shoe sale in the city. So, giddy as a schoolgirl she trots her ass down the road, sticks her thumb out, slaps a big smile on her face and stands enticingly at the side of the road hoping for a free ride to town. Hours pass without so much as a monkey on a tricycle driving by to pick her up, but Bunny’s resolve isn’t shaken one bit. What with thoughts of soft open-toe pumps, high heeled sandals and platform boots swirling around her thoughts, it barely feels like a few minutes to our heroine.

Eventually a white van approaches and bunny sways her hips a little to get some added attention. “Oh, finally,” she thinks, “my feet are killing me. I hope these nice people pick me up.” Tune in next week to find out who will save our Bunny from a foot worse than death and drive her to her destination…If that’s their true intent!