As her dumb luck dictates, when the gluttonous, slutty, big titted, whore Bunny is the last one to leave at a party, chances are, she’s not leaving at all!

Bunny was invited to a sausage party one evening by a friend of a friend of one of her evil roommates. Basically it was all a scheme to hold Bunny captive for a few days and have her mistreated for once again stealing one of aforementioned roommates boyfriends! She was told not to wear her micro bikini top, yoga pants and six inch pumps around the apartment when one of ‘the boyfriends’ were over…It always made the dudes draw their attention away from their dates and onto Bunny’s hot whore body..Then, inevitably, the cheating happens and Bunny is all too eager to polish any cock within ten feet, no matter who it is…Again, massive, dumb, whore!

So, once again…Roommate Revenge!

They want the gang of guys to get Bunny drunk off her fat ass, get gang railed by everyone in attendance, and then taken downstairs for a few days of ‘lesson learning…

They ask that she be hung by those massive bitch tits of hers so that hopefully they will deform and look ugly to any guy who sees them from now on. Also, they want her labia stretched for the same reason, “Make it look like an assorted cold cut sub sandwich down there,” one of them says…Her nipples are to be stretched too, to add to her tit deformity torture…”Done!” the lead dude says, we’ll measure her nipples first so that we can tell how much stretch we put on them later!”

“And that fucking, big, wide, deep, fucking belly button….” One of her roommates pipes up, “Fuck it up so bad that she NEVER wears a bikini, belly top, or anything that shows it off EVER again! I’m so sick of seeing that navel cunt waving her bottomless pit around!!!”

If you want, I can post the ‘AFTER’ illustration of what they do to her navel to achieve that request!

Bunny gets the treatment the roommates demand…and worse! When the gang eventually drop her off back at her apartment, she can barely stand the shape they put her in…Or stand straight, or stand at all…

When she comes into the apartment, Bunny sees that all of her roommates are there with their boyfriends..”Oh, look, it’s our roommate Bunny,” one girl says, ‘Guess you had a REALLY great time at that party the other night!!”

Bunny can barely get to her room and lock herself in… while there, she hears the discussion between the girls’ and their boyfriends about how gross she looks now! They make fun of her tits, the way she walks, and that giant sink hole of a belly button that she needs to cover up! They laugh late into the night!

POOR Bunny!