The old Japanese man behind the counter warned Bunny that the mystical Pokemon Bikini was for display ONLY! She was told time and time again, NOT to wear it! Bunny doesn’t always do what’s best, and couldn’t WAIT to strap it on and walk the beach in her new Bikini and high heels! She’d be the most popular bitch at the beach! This Pokemon craze will have all of the guys chasing HER!

It didn’t take long after she squeezed her giant tit-bags into the bikini top for her to notice a strange sensation…that feeling grew and grew! It was like hundreds of small creatures were trying to break out of her big boob harness! She could feel then scratching, and clawing and chewing their way into her giant fuck toys!

Oh why didn’t she listen to the old store clerk?!

When she tried desperately to remove the bikini top from her ravaged rack, it was like it was welded to her! The pain just got WORSE! Would it ever end? What will happen to Bunny’s sweet fat tits? She’s never quite felt pain in her jugs like THIS before, and that’s saying a LOT! She could sense that her tits were undergoing horrific atrocities! If the horrible destruction of Bunny’s of fat teats weren’t enough, her bikini bottoms were beginning to react too! Poor Bunny!