Hey folks, now for something a little different before we continue on with Bunny’s Alien Abduction story coming up Friday!

Today’s image is from a massive up coming new Bunny Bound Graphic Novel in which she is sent back into medieval times to endure the worst the Inquisition has to offer! It won’t be necessarily the Spanish Inquisition, or the Salem Witch Trials, but a ‘period’ inquisition era that is open to broad interpretation. There will be some never before seen torture methods used, some modern torture methods with a medieval twist, and some use of magic and science reminiscent of Game of Thrones, for those who are familiar. Just a very subtle use, but a notable use nonetheless.

In this scene we see Bunny being lowered into a vat of boiling oil! I will try to cover virtually every medieval machine, and method for torture and come up with new devices undreamed of with that heavy, brutal period feel! The grand inquisitor has even developed torture devices to fit Bunny’s body specifically as he has planned for her visit to his dungeon for many years!

The feel for this new graphic novel will be heavier and darker than the previous Bunny Bound Graphic Novel, ‘Love Really Hurts,’ and the art will be, as you see here, fully inked with tonal washes to add the relentless oppressive feel of the period!

Please get your download of the first Bunny Bound Graphic Novel to enjoy at your leisure as it will help fill the gap before this one comes out!

I’m hoping that you’ll love this new story and I’ll keep you posted on its progress from time to time, until it comes out!

See you all again soon!