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Pre-Bunny BDSM Art : By Dick Napalm

Hey there Patrons! MORE rare, actually NEVER before seen PRE-Bunny Bound BDSM and Torture art featuring a revolving door of hot babes!  This material that I’ll be posting here from time to time is work I did LONG before Bunny was created in my mind! It came mainly from when I was in High School and College and reflects on how much of a sick little puppy I was from way back! Hey, really, it’s all in fun! It’s cartoon and comic book bondage and torture so you know that no one is getting hurt for real. I’ve been a massive bondage, BDSM, Cat fighting, fetish fan since my early days, but I absolutely, one hundred percent do not condone violence towards women at all…I’ve never been a guy who was ever into ‘straight up porn,’ and could only enjoy anything close to it if it had a BDSM element to it, or something similar, like a ‘story line’ involving interrogation, dominance and submission and, or a particular fetish I was into..

So there you have it, long before Bunny Bound, there was this! It took me a few years to finally get the courage up to do the Bunny Bound graphic novel and commit to it fully..I HAD to get it out of my system and even though I had no idea how I would get it into the hands of those who might like it, it had to be done…

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‘Hope you liked today’s post! More to come soon!

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