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Here is the third of the BIG ‘Bunny Date Night’ stories! In these, you will see a ‘BEFORE’ pic of Bunny in one of her total whore outfits arriving at her date with a sick sadist, and an ‘AFTER’ pic of what horrible, sick, twisted, bondage and torture ordeal she is subjected to! ALL of these updates will feature dual images and will be in fully hand pained, illustrated color!

Many of these scenarios are not your granddads BDSM perils and they take a terrible toll on Bunny’s slut body and mind! You will see Bunny destroyed in numerous ways! Everything from out and out torture marathons that test her ability to survive, to prolonged exposure to Stoning, Animal Attacks, Brain Altering, Forced Self Torture, and the very worst atrocities that can be imagined on the planet…and beyond! All in color, every week, on Wednesday to get you through the week with a smile on your face!

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In the very near future you will be able to see your own personal requests come alive too! Take the plunge into a world of unbelievable BDSM/Fetish atrocities carried out on a bitch-whore that not only deserves it, but can keep taking it!

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