Meet Bunny. She’s a big-titted, slutty young thing. Well young-ish, who constantly finds herself in horrible jeopardy involving her gratuitous anatomy. Simply put, Bunny has been tortured, violated humiliated and horrendously brutalized virtually her whole life. Now on to more good news. For some strange, unknown reason, our heroine, Bunny is able to fully recover from even the nastiest punishment! Unfortunately for her ablitiy has been put to the test more times than she can count. If she could count. That’s the other thing, Bunny ain’t so smart. This may be the reason she gets into so much terrible trouble. Or maybe there is something about her that attracts every sadistic freak, alien, monster or diabolical villain in existence to vent their dirtiest, twisted, schemes on her body. Whatever the reason, we’ll be here to cover it and bring it to you for your viewing pleasure. Tune in every week for new updates, and for goodness sake, do yourself a favour and pick up the big 80 page graphic novel “Bunny Bound: Love Really Hurts.” We guarantee total satisfaction!