Hey BDSM and Fetish fans! I hope that you’ve all been enjoying the continuous peril and pain we’ve been putting our heroine Bunny to these last few months! There is MUCH more to come!

Here today is a full page sneak peek at the first Bunny Bound Graphic novel, ‘Love Really Hurts.’ As you can see, it is only page 27 of an over 80 page book, and already, Bunny’s boobs are in a LOT of trouble! It gets WORSE!

Each chapter focuses in on a different Bunny body part to punish, all in an attempt to get her to give up valuable information within a specific time frame, so the interrogation methods get worse and more extreme as the book progresses! Again, this is only page 27…

Major points of interest on Bunny’s body are obviously her generous tits, her feet, her crotch and ass and there’s even a chapter involving navel torture! I tried to add some specific strange and wonderful fetishes in this book for those of you looking for more creativity in your BDSM entertainment! I think a lot of you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted!

Proceeds from the sale and download of this book go to creating MORE Bunny Bound content! As the website is free and updated with new story and art at least two to three times weekly, unlike other sites that are similar that ask you to join and or pay for content, the graphic novel is still super affordable at less than $10, and offered as a means to merely create more free stuff for you to enjoy! For this reason, I encourage you to pick up the Bunny Bound Graphic Novel and enjoy its truly one of a kind material!

As I posted last week, another even bigger and badder Bunny Bound Graphic Novel is in the works, and of course, for the site, more art and story is right around the corner!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s new update and pick up the Bunny Bound Graphic Novel soon! Until next time!