Here’s a little snippet of what you can expect if you join my Patreon page. Help choose Bunny’s fate in a Patreon exclusive comic where you get to decide what happens.

Bunny is feeling adventurous so she ties on her hot pink bikini top, her tight black crotch hugging pants, and straps on her best for walking high whore heels and decides to go for a walk!

Having a less than stellar IQ, virtually no inhibitions and judgment so poor it scores in the negative integers, her options on where she ends up are varied and likely life threatening to say the least…If history has taught us anything, wherever Bunny decides to go will have grave consequences on her jiggling physique!


Tell you what…since you are so generously giving to this Patreon campaign, why don’t YOU help decide where Bunny ends up?

Option 1: Abandoned House: Well this seems like a great choice! It literally could be housing anything from a criminal organization, to sick perverts, to GHOSTS! It does look inviting to Bunny though! Bunny has always wanted to chat with ghosts, ever since she saw that movie ‘Hyper Abnormal Activity!’


Option 2: Dark Cave: Another winner! The fact that she could barely see inside is warning enough to stay out, but Bunny doesn’t think the way normal people do…If at all…Anything could be lurking in that dark damp abyss…Subterranean creatures, Sexually Deviant Trolls, Tentacle Beasts and who knows what else!


Option 3: Fetish Shop: Duh, well that’s a no brainer! Bunny could have a heck of a time in there right? Well, things may not be as they seem…yes on the exterior, the store looks harmful enough, but inside, and even underneath, it could be MUCH more so! It could even be a front for a criminal or terror organization for all Bunny knows…Or it could be the lair of sick twisted individuals who make and test horrific machines of pain! Only one way to find out!


Option 4: Dark Forest: Another potential horror story here folks! The hills may have eyes, but the forest has everything else! ‘Could be a haunted forest, could be filled with terrible sexually sadistic beasts, or could even house an evil witch bent on revenge from as far back as the inquisition! Either way, any of those options could spell doom for Bunny and her body!

There you go fine Patrons! The options are there! It’s all up to you now! Whatever the majority decision, I guarantee a great outcome for us and an absolutely unforgettable one for our Bunny!

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