What an incredibly stupid whore! Bunny again goes back under the knife and extreme electro shock therapy to further reduce her already critically low IQ…The utterly idiotic thing of it is that, like last time, Bunny’s ability to heal from acute physical trauma will once again return her to her original form! Her mind on the other hand, may never repair itself!

Bunny receives more painful bone shaving and stretching! Her feet are elongated to fit in even higher heeled shoes! Her breasts are further expanded and filled with old fiberglass insulation, asbestos, and foam sealant! Plastic inserts are placed under her misshapen nipples to ultimately make her tits look utterly ridiculous!

They once again augment Bunny’s pussy to give her the ultimate gash, making it look like the worst camel toe in the world when she wears anything to cover it! Any fabric close to her cunt crevice gets sucked deep into moist cavity!

The doctors stretch her navel wider and wider to accommodate a wide variety of piercings and jewelry that gets stuffed inside of it! Bunny can barely bend over without the mess of piercings entering and being caught in her belly button shaft!

The horrendous fake tanning is applied to every square inch of her skin, her original hair is completely removed and replaced with blond plugs and weaves, her lips are injected with a toxic solution to take up half her face, and the less said about her face, the better!

She is once again subjected to extreme electrical current and toxins, injected into her brain to destroy and completely wipe out vast portions of active brain cells…So much so, Bunny cannot walk and chew gum at the same time! Although it was always a challenge for her…

After the hideous procedures are finished, Bunny looks like some sort of idiotic sex doll! She is released from the ‘facility,’ and for the next few weeks is treated like an idiotic sex doll by every person she comes into contact with, desperately seeking a free ride for the rest of her ‘life…’

It isn’t long though before her old body/face/cunt, begin to excruciatingly take over again…The process is slow and agonizing, and Bunny looks even WORSE transitioning…Still she is used, fucked, abused, and repeatedly thrown away like garbage, over and over again!

When she finally wakes up one morning her old self, she immediately begins planning and saving up for her next bimbofication surgery! Well, at least she wont have to go through as much brain reduction!

Poor Bunny!