Bad Ashley knows two secrets, one is eternal life is possible, the other is that Bunny can sustain untold physical trauma and survive the pain and damage! Those two secrets overlap in the most advantageous way because Ashley knows that to cheat death, all she needs to do is sacrifice Bunny to three demonic figures atop the moon stone each year! It’s SO difficult to find a new sacrifice each year AND dispose of the bodies! This way, Bunny’s reusable body can take the ritual torture and blood letting, and return again for more the following year! The Demons get what they want, and Ashley gets what she wants! It’s Win Win!

Well, another year has passed and Bunny is yet again kidnapped, stripped just below her waist and securely bound to the stone all the way at the top of Mount Equinox! Ashley had to pull Bunny’s unconscious body by her tied ankles, all the way up the mountain, so Bunny’s body is a little worse for wear, her clothes were shredded and she was covered in welts and bruises…It was worth it, besides, that top was coming off anyway!

After Bunny was secured in bondage, topless to the moon stone, Ashley began to recite the invocation to summon the demonic hosts, and within moments, they appear! They bid Ashley welcome and gesture to her to begin the sacrifice! Bunny, now awake ad aware of her predicament, begins begging ans screaming to be released! It’s of no use! The trident staff is already being slowly lowered towards Bunny’s Belly!

The large middle prong must be worked into Bunny’s tough, deep navel! The idea being that the source of life in the womb must also be the conduit to which Bunny expires in the sacrifice! The prong must be pushed down deep into her navel so that the other two prongs meet her flesh, but do not puncture the flesh, thus granting Ashley eternal youth!

Bunny does all she can to keep the prong from breaching the depths of her Belly Button, but it’s no use! Ashley forces the middle trident into her belly hole making Bunny’s eyes roll back in her head! Crimson fluid begins to trickle onto the moon stone’s sacrificial surface….And it is done! The demons are appeased, and Ashley begins to feel another year of life and youth surge through her!

Soon, Bunny’s lifeless body is untied from the stone, and Ashley rolls it down the mountain again, and leaves it in a wooded area to eventually revive! She looks back at Bunny’s topless body beginning to stir and gives a quick…”See you next year Bitch!” and skips off into the night!

Poor Bunny!