Our dumb as a stump heroine Bunny, has finally had enough of her three evil roommates, and decides to look for an apartment of her own. I mean, how much punishment can she take? The last straw was one one of them casually dropped a plugged in blow dryer in the bathtub…with Bunny still in it! There is always something she does to aggravate one or all of them at the same time! It’s either taking beatings from them for not having the rent on time, or being hung by her tits for not folding the laundry the right way! And the rules! So many rules! Don’t walk in the room naked only wearing 7 inch heels when they have their boyfriends over, no doing yoga in a string bikini when the girls’ parents visit, no sticking fruits or vegetables in yourself then putting them back in the fridge! It just became too much!

Checking the apartment wanted ads set Bunny on a long journey into a very bad part of town. There, was the only apartments she could afford. After a long bus ride, and miles of walking in her 7 inch heels, Bunny came to the entrance of a bona-fide dump!

She entered the doors that were rotting off the hinges and walked into the lobby. It was filled with bums, drug addicts, dealers, and mostly the scum of the Earth….according to Bunny anyway…despite her IQ being somewhere in the negative integers, she always held herself in high regard and felt superior to everyone. This was the reason why Bunny could easily get herself into trouble…People immediately thought that she was a stuck up cunt!

The rabble all looked at her with seething eyes of lust, hate and ill intent! It was probably because Bunny was dressed like high class whore in her heels, pencil skirt, and white blouse tied off to expose her belly. In her navel was set a large ruby!

She managed her way past the derelicts towards the elevators which she found were all out of service, thus began her seven flight climb to the apartment she was interested in, to meet with the two women who placed the add.

When Bunny finally knocked on the door she was soaked in sweat from the effort, and from the fact that the building was a sweltering heat trap. Her clothes clung to her plump form, her feet ached, and she was breathing heavily. The door opened to reveal two of the hardest looking gangster chicks Bunny had ever seen, this side of a ‘Rap’ video! They are in fact, owners of the block, and notorious drug dealers!

After some remarkably awkward chit-chat, the Hard Ass Gangsta Bitches make Bunny sign some papers, although all the while she is trying to tell them she doesn’t want to live here with them! It’s too late! She either signed a 5 year lease, or something WORSE!

The women grab Bunny’s purse, shove her onto a ratty old sofa and pass her a stack of papers with a list of chores…..and punishments if the chores are not carried out! The papers are old, but Bunny can see that the chores involve things like cleaning the toilets, behind the fridge and stove, under the beds, making dinner and daily things of that nature. The punishments….make Bunny sob…..and beg…

So begins a horrible, painful, subservient ordeal for the plump bimbo Bunny…daily thrashings, beatings, interesting punishments, mind altering body shaming and humiliation, beat downs, ingenious tortures created to break her will….she is used as a pary favor, a slave, a literal door mat, an ashtray, anything the vicious bitches need or want her for! Within months, Bunny is a used up husk of a bitch carcass…

Near X-mas, they hogtie Bunny completely naked and use her on the cover of the festive card that they sent to five hundred of their closest friends and clients! She has only been a prisoner with them for seven months she figures…she remembers that it was spring when she was apartment shopping! She does not think that she can survive another month with these monsters!

Luckily, due to the distribution of the card, the local police force got wise to the criminal activity of these two tough bitches and organize a raid and rescue of their naked captive! This wouldn’t happen until at least News years day!

On February 15th, the police raid the apartment and apprehend the duo causing Bunny’s distress! After a day recovering from a severe beat down and block train party on Bunny’s bare body, she is escorted back to her old apartment..

Unfortunately she now must suffer the consequences of being 9 months behind in her share of the rent!!!

Poor Bunny!