Bunny, the stupid bitch, has been talking smack about beautiful fetish model Bad Ashley…BIG mistake! Bunny’s roommates rat out the dumb, big titted bitch, to Ashley, and they all conspire to wreak a horrible vengeance on Bunny and her big mouth!

Bunny goes shoe shopping every Wednesday at the Sky High Heel Emporium…She often dresses in the most embarrassingly slutty clothes she can, in order to seduce the shoe salesmen that work the Emporium in order to give her ‘deals’ on shoes!

Bunny will try on pair after pair of Whore Shoes, and strut around the store in them, wearing her slut attire until one or more of the salesmen break! Bunny is also not above giving head or taking it up her ass for the shoe obsessed freaks that run the store, often posing for weird fetish photos and videos too! Basically, Bunny will do anything for shoes like the dumb cunt that she is…That includes being gagged by a high heel during an ass railing, performing high heel masturbation in front of the camera, and letting the shoe freaks insert heels into every orifice of her body!

This time, the heels will be her doom! Ashley and Bunny’s roommates sneak up behind Bunny as she is taking an ass reaming by one of the store owners in the back room! His real cock is replaced with a strap on as Bunny is none the wiser…soon, a chloroform soaked rag is placed over Bunny’s face and she eventually passes out!

When Bunny recovers, she finds herself stretched taught, naked on the shoe store floor! It is after closing time and the store is empty except for 1,000’s of the most absurd, crazy, dangerous, and tortuous high heels, a video camera trained on Bunny’s naked body, and…..ASHLEY!!

“So bitch…you want to talk trash behind my back huh? Well, I’m going to try on EVERY pair of shoes in this fucking store, and test them out, trampling your fat ugly bitch ass body until you look like an old, used piece of chewed up bubble gum an ancient prostitute spit out!”

Bunny can only stare in terror, knowing that it will do her no good to talk her way out of it!

The first heel with all of Ashley’s weight is put to her left tit….UGGGGGGGH! Then the other foot, on the right tit…..OWWWWWW!..One foot on the forehead, EWWWWW!…Then BOTH heels on the forehead! AAAAAAGH!!! The throat, the chest, the tits again, the nipples, the belly! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Ashley dances, jogs, moonwalks, jumps up and down, hikes, and does ‘the twist’ on Bunny’s increasingly horrid looking body! Heels of all shapes, sizes and lengths make a mockery of Bunny’s tits, crotch, legs, feet, face, and belly! Speaking of belly, Bunny’s navel is the supreme target of the most horrific heel mashing, penetrating, twisting and gouging known to footwear!

When it’s over, Ashley feels invigorated with one of the longest leg workouts in history! Bunny on the other hand….Well, let’s just say Ashley’s prediction about the chewed gum was a bit of an understatement…

A few whips to Bunny’s ruined carcass and Ashley lets herself out…Bunny remains tied to the floor in her awful condition until the Shoe store door can be heard opening again…It’s the shoe freaks! They approach Bunny’s stretched out, raisin like body….

“Well well…Look at this! I think today we’ll have to be closed for ‘Renovations…!”

‘Looks like Bunny’s going to be heeled over again!