Hey Bunny Bound fans! Happy Halloween! This is today’s new Bunny Bound Patreon post, and I just wanted to share it here for free with you here to give you a glimpse of what you’re missing if you haven’t joined the page! There are ONLY two tiers you can join, a $1 and a $5…SO AFFORDABLE!!! I work extremely hard to come up with new and exciting art and story for the Bunny Bound Universe, and I ask very little in return for the constant weekly updates as you can see! PLEASE help support a world class, incredibly bizarre BDSM Art Page!

I cast a pretty wide fetish net in bringing Bunny to bear! Foot Fetish, Belly/Navel torture/Fetish, Straight up Weird BDSM, Space adventures, Alien Abductions, Experimentation, Torture Time Travel, Spanking/Ass-Play, Leg Play, Bimbofication, Every Form of Tit Torture imaginable, and SO MUCH MORE!

I take all suggestions for stories VERY seriously, and encourage interaction from members in the comments section and in private messages on the page…Ya want to see Bunny burned at the stake? I’ll get it in there! You want to see Bunny have her brain switched with a chicken…DONE! You want to see Bunny battling naked underwater against a giant squid…DONE! Virtually ANY fantasy you can think of can be suggested and illustrated on the Bunny Bound Patreon!

Today’s post here will be a rare occurrence in the future, and although I WILL keep the other images and stories safe here on this site, it is now the Bunny Bound Patreon page that will be updating weekly, often twice weekly…with surprises every so often too! For the $5 tier, you can’t lose, for the $1 it’s literally the BEST Patreon Adult deal on the planet! And remember…that’s PER MONTH! The most you’ll spend on the YEAR is $12! That’s less than a lunch date!

Here’s the link…JOIN NOW for over 60 exclusive updates ALL AT ONCE!!! https://www.patreon.com/BunnyBound

Thank you! Enjoy!