It’s honestly amazing when you realize how much one dumb bitch can take! Bunny is that dumb bitch! You might even say that she is the stupidest cunt ever! She is really nothing more than a human fuck toy, pain sponge, and this time she may just pay the ultimate price for her utter ignorance and sexuality!

By signing up on a website she believes is called ‘Plain Date’ for some relaxing fun and mediocre fucking action, Bunny creates the perfect profile on what is actually entitled ‘PAIN Date!’ It’s a website that pits willing victims against super sadists and has them go on dates resulting in the victim being used, tortured and worse! Bunny selected the ‘V’ for ‘victim’ in her description of herself thinking it was for ‘vagina’ which is what she has….

Every date she has gone on through meeting men from this site has ended in disaster and almost her demise a few times…THIS time, she tells herself it will be different!

She sets up a date with a very handsome dusky skinned suitor and set out to get ready for her next big date that very evening! Unfortunately for Bunny, she had missed the last message her date had sent her about the expected etiquette and dress code that she must strictly observe in relation to his culture, being from the middle east…It also stated that they would be accompanied by his ‘posse’ and that the seven other men with him would be their chaperons…It was the tradition on first dates. Bunny was just too excited and wanted to get ready with her best makeup, hair and dress!

That dress just happened to be an outfit that exposed nearly every dirty part of her overblown anatomy from her tits, right down to her toes! A large ‘V’ neck exposed her big fat shiny tits almost to the point of being illegal! A smaller diamond cut out exposed the bitches navel for all to see and her legs were on display with cut out slits up past her hips and panty line! Eight inch open toed platform whore heels finished her slut costume off, and she was out the door and on her way to the designated meeting place!
This time, unlike her other dates, there was no small talk, no cordial meet and greet, no dinner, no drinks, just utter shock from her date when she arrived! All of the men in the posse were incensed also! What a cheap whore! They couldn’t believe her insolence! Bunny was still mystified by the reaction, and asked if this was going to be a gang bang date, because although she admitted to not being fully prepared for it, she’d certainly be game for a group pounding!

Her date grabbed her by the arm, threw her in the black SUV as the others piled in and angrily accosted her! “For your whorish disrespect, we will deliver unto you, a STONING you stupid white cunt!”
Bunny was relieved! They were going to get her stoned! She was glad because a gang bang went a lot smoother if she was high!

When they arrived at an abandoned field some many miles away, Bunny was given a shovel and told to dig a hole five feet deep! She thought that if they were going to get her high and gang fuck her, it was the least she could do! About an hour later, Bunny, still in her dress and heels, was in quite a bit of discomfort..Her body ached, her feet were killing her, and she was drenched with sweat…The men did nothing to help her and when she had finally finished digging, it was time for her to enter the hole!!

The men grabbed her and stripped her bare ass naked…They threw her sweaty body in the hole and stomped on her head forcing her down! Bunny, puzzled and in pain, was now buried with only her head, shoulders and massive tits showing outside of the hole!

It was now time for her stoning! It was clear to even Bunny after the first few stone throws, this wasn’t going to be the good kind of stoning!! Rocks of all kinds rained down painfully on Bunny’s head and tits! There are rules even in the barbaric stoning punishment, that rocks can not exceed a certain size and weight, but the men were utterly incensed with Bunny’s behavior and wanted to teach her a horrible lesson! Stones big enough to crush full paint cans were used to destroy her! After three and a half hours of destructive stoning, they pulled Bunny’s lifeless body out of the hole…She was almost unrecognizable, but they initiated the gang bang anyway and left her naked and destroyed covered with dirt and cum in the stony field to somehow get back home on her own…IF she survives!

Bunny eventually regained whatever passes for HER conciousness, found her shoes and squeezed them on her feet, found tatters of her torn clothes and did her best to hide her shame, and began the long walk home…

Poor Bunny!