Bunny is almost constantly in bondage and torture in her normal daily life! It’s a damn shame, but for us, it’s most entertaining! You’d think that when Bunny is asleep, or at least unconscious, her dreams are filled with butterflies, unicorns, flowery meadows and peace and tranquility…Not So! In fact, Bunny’s dreams are even WORSE than her waking life!

In her dreams, Bunny has been tortured to death thousands of times, a feat never to have been accomplished by her many captors over the years, as much as they have tried! Perhaps it is a release that she so desperately craves…? Ah who cares! It’s actually quite the show to be able to peer into Bunny’s dreams/nightmares!

Take this one for example! In this dream, Bunny is grabbed by hooded monks and taken deep down into a secret underground torture dungeon! There she is stripped of all clothing and without even a reason why, strapped to a rack! She is stretched beyond all human capacity over what seems days! Even her bones are stretched and broken! She is completely destroyed! Her lifeless carcass is strung up, and she is then treated to a horrific round of hot iron torture! Her body seems restored after the rack breaking, but within hours of the blistering hot iron assault, it is back to being a destroyed piece of meat from her head to her naked toes!

She is then placed in a transparent Iron maiden! Fitted with red high heels and a spiked rotating dildo device, she begs the monks not to close the door! It is no good! The monks turn on the drilling spiked dildo, and slowly close the door causing the sharp transparent spikes to impale her body in various places! Her tits are perforated as is her upper torso, legs and despite its depth, her navel, almost to her spine! Finally, utterly destroyed, Bunny wakes from her dream, naked and drenched in sweat! Will this dream ever come true she thinks? Knowing Bunny and her adventures, it might even happen to her today!!

Poor Bunny!