You’d think that since Bunny has been squashed, squished, stretched, whipped, beaten, broken, gang banged, crushed, burnt, electrocuted and otherwise tortured constantly in her waking life, she could at least find comfort in her dreams…Nope!

In fact, her dreams are even WORSE! She actually doesn’t have simple dreams at all, they are more like nightmares, and they often make her wake up screaming in terror and agony!

In this particular dream, Bunny is a nurse sent to tend to soldiers in World War Two…or Korea… or something…Bunny’s grasp of History is…not great…Anyway, her plane is shot down and she washes ashore on an island that has been taken over by Japanese soldiers! She is quickly captured and brought to their leader who suspects her of being a spy! Spy or not, she is first gang banged by all two hundred soldiers on the island in shifts of five at a time, morning, noon, and night. When everyone has gone at least three rounds with her, the leader orders her to be interrogated.

She feels all the pain and rigors of her capture even though it is a dream! Bunny is affixed to an X frame and her interrogation begins! While she was held captive they let her wear her few shreds of clothing to hide her shame, now however, she is stripped to nothing but her soiled stockings and white high heels! They make her wear her nurses’ hat for purposes of humiliation only!

Bunny is beaten with fists, gun butts, bamboo canes and carefully placed kicks to her tits, belly and crotch! After absorbing a furious beating from many of the most skilled soldiers in hand to hand combat, she is shown a red hot bayonet! She begs and pleads for them not to use this item on her body, but it is pressed to her nipple until it cools! Her shrieks of agony echo in the jungle as her once beautiful nipple is turned to a charred mess on her tit! Then the bayonet is used to skin her breast alive! Slowly and painfully her tit is sliced along the round orb and the strips of flesh lifted are left to hang there, not fully removed, making them great targets for insect infestation!

Her cries and screams are met only with more brutal abuse as one soldier kneels before her pussy opening and begins to fillet her precious clit off in a back and forth saw like motion! This is compounded by a bayonet skewering her other tit, all the way through!

Her nightmare doesn’t allow her to pass out from pain even though she is put to the ‘Death by 1,000 Cuts’ torture! Each of the soldiers each get a chance to leave small knife wounds all over her body from head to toe so that by the time they are finished with her, she can barely be recognised as human!! After all of the severe beating, burning, slicing, cutting, and skinning, she is left for the tropical insects to enjoy! It isn’t long before her body becomes a home to thousands of ravenous bugs in the hot sun! Even the General is surprised to find that after four hours in this state, Bunny is still alive! They finally end her ordeal by firing squad and immolation!

Unfortunately the old saying, ‘If you die in your dream, you die in real life!’ proves false as Bunny is jarred awake and screaming in pain, only to hope that the next time she falls asleep, she doesn’t have another nightmare like this! Only time will tell!