She’s not called Bunny Bound for nothing! Bunny, our big titted, slow witted dumb-ass-bitch basically lives a life of constant sexual punishment, torture and slavery…so much so that she actually expects it every morning when getting out of bed, or waking up in a dungeon, or strapped to a torture device having passed out from an overload of pain to her central nervous system! The point here really is, Bunny DOES in fact sleep! The question is, what does she dream of if her entire waking life is spent in agony and pain? Oddly enough…even WORSE agony and pain!

It seems that despite being put to horrific suffering, whether it be by Aliens, witches, robots, serial sadists or vile she-wolf women intent on destroying her, Bunny seems to always recover and somehow survive! No matter how much she is squished, squashed, stretched, tenderized, fucked, fried, probed, or beaten to a pulp, she seems to always come back for more!

Not so in her dreams! In Bunny’s dreams she expires! Finally! Maybe…just maybe, this is Bunny’s only release from her waking hell of a life..’ I’m no head doctor, but maybe….In any case, who really cares…most of the time, she definitely deserves what she gets! She’s also a grade ‘A’ stuck up bitch too!

As Bunny was being stretched on a rack one day while being beaten with red hot chains, she slipped into unconsciousness and had a dream that she was a ‘classy’ prostitute in frontier, or as she would put it, ‘cowboy and Indian’ times…She was captured by a raiding band of natives and they scalped all of her male companions, one while he still had his dick in her ass in the moving carriage! They dragged her by her hair over to a horse and tied her ankles with a long rope to the horses’ bridle. The Natives dragged Bunny by her ankles over miles and miles of rough, rocky tundra until they got her to their small village…There, they stripped off whatever rags were still clung to her body after being shredded and worn off in the brutal commute. She was then lashed between two trees, but not before being gang banged into oblivion by all of the male, and even some of the female natives sporting brutal makeshift strap on dildo devices!

While spreadeagled to the tree, the natives began their slow, arduous torture of Bunny’s body…Sharp sticks were inserted in and around her over used pussy, then set aflame! A beating ensued! While the flames scorched her crotch, her back and buttocks were scourged by a horrendous whip made from buffalo leather and sharp bone fragments. The crowd of natives cheered as the high class whore was being destroyed! After the 300th and last whip lash, they all retired to their tee-pees…Exhausted and in severe agony, Bunny hung there while insects began to savage her naked, helpless body and wounds. Soon, the chief and his wife emerged from their dwelling…It was now time to finish this hanging meat off! More burning rods to the pussy, more beating, but this time, the flaming eagles claw wielded by the sadistic squaw wife! She used it on Bunny’s right tit, tearing away at the flesh while scorching it at the same time! Over and over it went until there was nothing left to scrape and scratch and burn! The chief on the other tit suckled Bunny’s sore nipple. Being mostly in shock by having the first tit completely annihilated and her pussy turned to ash, she couldn’t even feel the sucking of her nipple…she could just barely feel the large knife that was slowly removing that same tit! Even Bunny, and even ‘dream Bunny’ couldn’t survive that much of a reduction of her body and ‘dream’ trauma…slowly she began to expire from her dream self, still tied to the trees while the Chief and his wife watched her….and slowly ‘not dream’ Bunny began to regain consciousness only to feel another red hot chain lash her across her stretched out belly!

‘Whew!’ Bunny thought…’Thank goodness THAT was all a dream!