At a local pick up bar, our bubbly Bunny, dressed like a common whore, strikes up a conversation with a handsome young man who can’t help but notice her heavily emphasized tits. The conversation gravitates to Bunny’s gloriously protruding rack and she soon confides with the leering gentleman that despite their obvious size and shape, she wishes that they were in her words, “even more bigger,” and thus more desirable. “You’re in luck” the salivating stranger states, and goes on to say that he himself is a plastic surgeon doctor, and can do the work on her at his office that very same night, no matter how many drinks they’ve both had! A short trip later, they arrive at his home, with Bunny, giddy with excitement and too many Margaritas. It isn’t long before Bunny receives the customary bash on the back of her skull however, and when she wakes up from the devastating blow, she is horrified to find that she is stripped incredibly naked and tied to a stool!

In the days that follow, Bunny’s big sweaty, naked tits are put through the proverbial and the literal meat grinder by the sadistic freak that has abducted her. He tells her that he was once a brilliant plastic surgeon who specialized in breast augmentation but was sick of all of the rich whiny bitches that frequented his practice, and one day he just snapped! Now all of that seething hatred and frustration has culminated into the desire to destroy tits! Now Bunny feels the pain of years of built up anger unleashed on her beautiful bosom!

He squishes her tits like rotten grapes in his metal clamp devices! He uses them as plump ashtrays! He whips and canes them while they are pulled to the ceiling almost popping in twin nooses! He injects them with all manner of horrible toxins and documents her terrified reactions on video. She begs for mercy when she’s conscious, but he continues to transform her two best assets into something even a dog wouldn’t eat, and still, no matter how creatively malicious he treats her teats, it always seems like the next thing is worse!

We’ll continue Bunny’s woeful tit predicament in future posts so stay closely tuned every week!