How can it get any worse for our poor heroine?! This week in Bunny’s boob job just may be her last as her big beautiful rack is reduced to what most would call HIDEOUS!!

The sick twisted doctor has new sadistic plans for Bunny’s two greatest attributes. He first ties them in breast bondage so excruciatingly tight, they are almost separated from Bunny’s body entirely. He explains to his now nauseous with pain prisoner, that he doesn’t want the rest of her body to be affected by what he plans to do to her tits next!

And what he does to her next is nothing short of horror movie material! He wheels in a small medical table and lifts a sheet that uncovers fifty different giant syringes! Each syringe is clearly marked with a label, although Bunny has never seen words like them before not that that is breaking news as Bunny herself ranks a negative IQ, but still…The doctor picks up one of the needles and slowly empties it’s entire contents into the right breast flesh of Bunny looking her right in the eye as he does it to monitor her reaction…A terrified Bunny stares back, and for a few minutes, there is no reaction. The doctor straightens his stance and reaches for another syringe. That’s when the screaming started! Bunny, in intolerable pain cries out saying that her tit is turning to ‘bubbles inside!’ This is good the doctor tells Bunny, and encourages her to explain what she’s feeling after each injection into her distended tit flesh. Syringe after syringe after syringe is emptied into Bunny’s tit! The doctor gives her enough time in between to yell out, sometimes incoherently, what she feels happening to her inflated boob meat, much to his glowing pleasure. He is so glad that Bunny’s strength allows her to not only stay conscious through the hideous ordeal, but explain her atrocious discomfort, as he himself has no idea what the chemicals he’s forcing into Bunny’s tit will do to human flesh, let alone the combination of them all. His dungeon cameras record the rest. After several hours of the tit ruining atrocities, her other tit, horribly mangled by previous torments, yet looking almost normal by comparison to it’s twin, is set up for even worse treatment if that were even possible. It turns out that it is. The stupendously evil doctor has been doing much homework in the field of chemical research as it applied to causing pain to the human body as the endless stream of bloated mangled test rats would indicate. While Bunny’s right tit was an experiment in flesh altering horror, her left jug is used as more of a precision training ground. What follows is a weeks’ worth of unbearable agony for poor Bunny and her tit as chemicals are administered, electrical impulses are applied, and sublime vibrations are employed to act as catalysts to create strange new agonizing reactions never felt inside the flesh of a human before! It is to say the least, a horrific journey into areas of pain even Bunny’s tits have never felt in her recent past. The pain itself would cause anyone to shatter, but the sight of her big fat beautiful man magnets being turned into hideous trembling twin horrors makes her want to call it quits!

What more can be done to Bunny and her tits? Unfortunately for her the answer is almost always MORE! Keep watching for the next installment of Bunny’s Boob Job!