For months Bunny and her huge, fat, disgusting rack of tit meat has been put to the worst torture tests a human being could withstand…actually, any other woman experiencing the tit trials and tortures Bunny has, would have died of pain, or shock, or madness months ago!

The evil Doctor who has been preforming the sick, twisted acts of atrocity on Bunny’s tits has given them his best shot! From the breast press, to the microwave bra, concrete shattering sound waves, and everything in between! He has recorded footage of Bunny’s tit tortures and has reached a point where he feels he has given her all of the cruelty his revenge fantasies could muster! It’s time for the actual ‘Boob Job’ that they both discussed upon their first meeting!

It wont be what Bunny wants however….!

The Doctor performs the operation as Bunny is wide awake! He fills her tits up with old socks, rusty thumbtacks, nails, a bunch of pencil erasers, toothpaste, lead fishing weights, chewed up gum, compost, Bunny’s own ripped up, dirty jean shorts, and a bunch of other ‘stuff’ that should not be put into a human body! Her tits are stuffed to the maximum until they resemble two giant misshapen bags ready for curb pickup!

Halfway through the ‘procedure’ Bunny passes out from the pain and shock….When she recovers her consciousness she finds herself bolted to a wall, naked…in front of her stands a full length mirror to add insult to injury!!! Bunny is forced to look at the hideous state of her once sexy tits…Her tits now look like two ugly piles of chopped liver balloons! The realization of her hideousness drives her insane, and she once again loses whatever is left of her mind! Those once gorgeous, over grown tits, now look like something straight out of a Horror Movie! They look like two sausage casings filled with way too much chopped meat and hot garbage! They resemble two grotesquely filled burlap bags with misaligned pepperoni stuck to them, filled with drowned cats!

Her raunchy, ugly carcass is released by the doctor, and Bunny is dropped off at her apartment….She must suffer severe body shaming from her roommates and anyone who sees her grotesque, horribly painful tits! Hopefully she can save up enough money at the corner store where she works to reverse the process!

Poor Bunny!