We know what you’re thinking, ‘How can it get any worse for Bunny’s big gorgeous tits?” Well, if you come to check out weekly updates on Bunny Bound, You’re probably also thinking, “I hope it gets much worse for Bunny’s gorgeous tits!”

You’re in luck, it DOES!

After being pressed and squished down like two fat buttery pancakes, used as two deformed clay ashtrays a small child might make in art class and severely caned, our heroine is put to more epic tit peril.

She is mercifully given back her camel toe inducing, butt cleaving jean shorts to hide some of her shame…or accentuate it…and tied securely to a chair. It is here that her aching pair get another round of horrific abuse.

And we do mean horrific as her globes are tied so tightly, they are completely and excruciatingly deformed into segments each receiving their own unique punishments.

One of the largest segments of her right tit is met with skin blistering heat as a ceiling wax candle is set atop it and set ablaze! The boiling wax melts down scorching Bunny horribly! The candle wax that reaches a melting point nearly ten times that of a regular candle continues to drip onto Bunny’s plump belly and often into her pouting belly button, boiling the skin deep inside her.

The next segment on that tit, tied so tight it might burst at any moment, is tested in that regard by having various thumbtacks and pushpins stuck into it…although it receives over fifty excruciating jabs, it’s no use, that tit segment remains intact, much to the chagrin of the mad doctor.

The worst most horrible segment and most turgidly tied includes Bunny’s nipple, if it can still be defined that way. The segment is tied so tightly it’s base could fit through the eye of a needle! At this point in her breast torture design, there’s virtually no feeling in that area of her anatomy as it is so far removed and constricted from the rest of her, but that doesn’t stop her torturer from administering more cruelty. Not satisfied with her second tit segment’s refusal to explode with the onslaught of the push pins, he tries again with this tit balloon. Still nothing! A screw clamp is then applied to what you would call her nipple, although finding the protruding section of it proved nearly impossible as it was stretched so taught across her bulging tit meat. For this, he affixes the gnawing nipple clamp to a pulley and cranks it high!

It would seem that her other boob, while horribly segmented also does get a measure of reprieve compared to the latter. It’s merely cut into with barbed wire, has flesh rending clamps applied to its middle segment and a suction device applied to its nipple portion. Mind you, the suction is so great that it pulls all of Bunny’s nipple tip aureola and some surrounding tit flesh into a thin tube and then on into the suction cord past the valve. It would almost seem that the good doctor is trying to preserve at least one of Bunny’s tits for further experimentation while throwing the other tit ‘under a bus’ so to speak…

Who knows what goes through the mind of such a sick monster…We’ll have to find out in the next instalment of Bunny’s Boob Job!