If you remember, way back, Bunny was at a bar with a plastic surgeon who promised to give her a breast enlargement for free that very night…It turned out that it was all a ruse to get her back to his ‘hospital of horrors!’ He was a great plastic surgeon once, but progressively got more and more insane until he eventually snapped due to his mostly Cunt-Like clientele…Now he has sworn revenge on tits and Bunny just happened to be his first victim!


It has become increasingly clear to the mad surgeon that Bunny can somehow recover from even the most incredible acts of destruction to her two big fat prize assets! This has given the good doctor weeks of enjoyment putting Bunny’s tits through hell! He can now live out every tit withering, boob destroying, bazoomba blitzkrieging torture and revenge fantasy he ever dreamed of on one set of miraculous tits to a whore who absolutely deserves it! A mad mans dream come true!

Since her incarceration with the good doctor, Bunny has been subjected to tit tortures the world has yet to see! The pain that she has been forced to absorb in her fat slut tits is astronomical, and it is day and night!

Take this tit crushing torture for example! This is how the doctor puts Bunny to sleep at night! Even her rest periods are horrible tests of tit endurance, and by the morning, she has been driven mad again….Only to face the NEXT mad tit obliterating challenge!

It’s unclear when or even IF the demented doctor will let Bunny finally go…but if the NEXT installment of Bunny’s Boob job is any indication, she might not have any tits LEFT to torture!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, just make it out for the next installment would you!? 🙂