Will this be the ultimate end of Bunny and her glorious tits? By all that is good and decent, this has GOT to be it! The last time we saw Bunny in this ‘Bunny’s Boob Job’ story line, she was getting one tit bombarded with different forms and intensities of radiation, while the other tit was suffering from prolonged pressure cooker abuse…Any other woman would have bought the boob farm, but no….Bunny is too tough…the tortures seem to never end for her, but this time…how on Earth can even her fat jugs survive the ridiculous amount of pain and disfigurement she is currently suffering!?

The tit destroying monster had built a horrific bra made from microwave ovens and has attached it to Bunny’s aching chest! ‘Still not fully healed from her last tit atrocity she is grabbed and dragged to a new chamber where she is fastened in bondage to a stone wall…The microwave oven ‘bra’ is fitted very snugly to her sore tits. She begs him not to use this on her…She pleads with the former doctor to let her go, that she’s taken enough, but it’s never enough for HIM! He wants to see what happens to her tits now that they are squeezed into the twin Nuke Ovens!

He sets one of her jugs to ‘popcorn’ and the other to 30 pound chicken! The resulting horror will all be videotaped for future enjoyment!

To be safe, the room that Bunny is bound in is insulated against harmful radiation escaping. The mad doctor turns on the cameras, closes the door behind him and remotely activates the microwave oven bra!

Bunny whines at first…it’s hard to tell if she even feels the pain in her tits…then something can be detected….HEAT! Bunny cries and screams as her first tit is effected adversely from the microwave radiation! It’s the Popcorn tit! While Bunny was unconscious from her last ordeal, the Maniac Tit Destroyer filled her boob with two bags of popcorn kernels! Now they are being super heated and erupting inside of her poor boob! Needless to say, the pain is atrocious!

The other tit gets a longer slower, more gradual ride into living hell pain! Bunny passes out after her first tit has ballooned inside the oven with popcorn and searing microwave heat! The second oven continues to whir away while Bunny is in a pain coma…During the course of her radioactive tit cooking, she wakes up in pain for about seven horrific tit-curdling, screaming till hoarse, minutes, until, once again, her brain is so overloaded with pain that her mind shuts down…No matter the horror show must go on, and by the time the microwave ‘DINGS,’ her tits are reduced to horror movie props…

The microwave bra is soon removed from her tits and they are inspected for scientific purposes…The rest of Bunny’s sweaty, lifeless body is also examined for signs of residual destruction….Her drooling carcass is unfastened from the wall, ans she is dragged to her cell where she’s tossed in to await further breast experiments….The doctor will have to get his popcorn out of her later…..UGH!