The continuing epic story of how Bunny was captured and forced to endure truly unbelievable tit torture to her big fat gorgeous whore tits by a former plastic surgeon, turned madman….goes on!

When last we witnessed Bunny being subjected to tit punishment by this psycho nut, he was administering bizarre forms of chemical and toxic waste therapies to Bunny’s pained tits…The procedures resulted in gruesome deformities and constant agony for Bunny, long after the experiments concluded! She was kept in a deep underground cell and her and her destroyed ugly tits were left to rot for a week before being checked on…Her constant cries stopped and the curious ‘scientist’ went down to check to see if his subject had expired…In truth her mind had shattered many times during her dungeon stay, and this most recent breakdown rendered her unconscious…

To the maniacs utter surprise, it looked as though her tits were on the mend and appeared to be borderline ‘normal’…This was interesting to say the least as he thought they would have collapsed from her body days ago..Now he could try out new methods of tit withering destruction on her!

A few days later, Bunny is scooped from her cell, and in a daze, led handcuffed into a pure white room. She is sat down on a metal chair, and wrist and ankle bound into immobility.. Then her giant sore nipples are painfully pierced and a tuning fork is inserted into each of them and screwed into one another, crudely connecting her nipples…Large plungers are applied to either side of her fat sweaty jugs almost to the crushing point..Bunny tries to protest, but is still in mental and physical pain from the last ordeal her tits were forced to undergo…all she can do is drool. A cork is inserted into each of Bunny’s ears…Once the doctor turned mad scientist has finished with securing Bunny and her tits to the newest experiment, he leaves the room and latches the door tight…A video camera whirs on and a slit in the wall opens to reveal the doctor behind heavy glass.

Then it begins!Ultrasonic waves are now used to distort, pummel, crease crack and demolish Bunny’s tits! It is a barrage of unrelenting horror! Bunny;s tits vibrate until the very molecules holding them together collapse! The sound waves crash into the very depth of her globes, and radiate out to her skin cells! Her breasts are squished like rotten grapes, then expanded like car air bags! The tuning forks in her nipples react opposite to whatever frequency is used on her Fat tits and the resulting effect makes it feel like they are being ripped apart in several directions! The pressure put to Bunny’s rack is incredible, inhuman, and inhumane! More frequencies are attempted, sonic booms, laser accurate pulses, and a virtually flesh disintegrating vibrato finale sends Bunny and her poor wretched tits off into another dimension of pain!

After a few more days of this treatment, Bunny’s carcass is again thrown in the dank dungeon pit only to await a new horrendous form of torture the doctor is preparing next!

Another chapter of Bunny’s Boob Job is on the horizon!