Bunny has been tit tortured many MANY times in the past as you all have witnessed. It seems that her tits are just natural magnets for sick and depraved abusers with inventive spirits! The man who has captured her this time is likely by far the sickest, most mentally damaged monster to ever get a hold of Bunny’s two prized possessions ever! He used to be a highly respected plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement, but eventually snapped and lost his practice due to the rich, obnoxious cunts he had as clientele…

This turned him into the monster that now has Bunny! An evil twisted creature that wants nothing more that to destroy tits! To his incredible luck, he has found a subject that can endure and eventually heal from even the most tit obliterating punishments ever created! Imagine how many women he would have destroyed had he applied the things he’s done to Bunny’s tits to their tits?

Take THIS treatment Bunny is forced to endure alone! Each time the mad doctor works on Bunny’s big fat sweaty boobs, he demolishes them in horrible ways that make her scream, cry and lose consciousness…Her tits end up in horrible shape, so to start over for her next ordeal, he ‘erases’ her big ugly titties in a vat of radioactive acid!!!

Not very gentlemanly! He slowly lowers Bunny’s topless body down into the toxic torture fluid to completely obliterate het fatty protrusions…While this used to work wonderfully the first few times, Bunny’s tits are growing immune to the catastrophic effects of the acid, and must be kept in longer each time! The radiation alone is enough to destroy every cell of a normal humans’ naked body, but for Bunny, the pain makes her lose her mind!

After her tit erasing is over with, she is thrown into her small dungeon to have her newly formed tits await another incredible torture predicament a few days later! This has now gone on for several months! Can Bunny survive any more of this?

Tune in next week when I post the final chapter of this story in full horrific color! Will Bunny’s tits face a fate worse than death? ….probably!

Poor Bunny!