A captured Bunny is put to SEVERE REVENGE torture for royally fucking over a psychotic ex-boyfriend!
After being tazed outside her front door one night after work, Bunny finds herself dazed, confused and in the clutches of her Ex, Bill in his newly renovated basement of horrors…After a defiant, bitchy rant, Bunny’s troubles begin…at first she laughs off the tortures that are administered to her bare naked body, but her ex has MUCH more in store for her!

He fully intends to BREAK this Bunny bitch, and has the ways and means to do it! Bear traps to her tits and feet, taser blasts to her bare pussy, tit hanging, having her legs crushed under stone slabs and weights….These tortures and more have the unscrupulous bitch singing the blues at the top of her lungs! She is beginning to see the big picture and that is, she may not be leaving the basement in one plump, big titted piece!  Then, what Bunny initially thinks is going to be the ‘ho-hum’ hot wax treatment, turns into something a thousand times more horrific!

At this point in her parade of punishments, she should have known better…Her ex wouldn’t be taking a step back in her gruesome painful tortures by applying lame hot wax to her body…No…THIS is HOT MOLTEN LEAD!!!

With her tits already close to bursting and taught in severe bondage and her nipples besieged with massive pins pushed deep inside them, the madman applies The hot molten lead liberally to them! Her reaction is priceless! ‘Good thing it’s being video taped!

Her tits whither at the molten onslaught and Bunny begs for mercy! Finally, after passing out from the pain, the insane ex lets the molten metal cool around her depleted orbs, and plans his next demented moves on Bunny’s body! The reaction Bunny had to the use of boiling hot metal on her breasts awakens more severe ideas for its use!

To be continued!

Poor Bunny!