Bunny is already an incredibly vapid, ignorant, big titted dumb bitch with, did we mention, a depressing IQ…but for her, it’s still not enough! She wants to be what she believes is the ultimate sex doll so that she can milk men for their money, and leave them in the dust…

To this end, Bunny saves up all of her whoring money and enlists a famous clinic to turn her from dumb to dumberer, and from sexy to a sex freak, heavy on the freak!

Bunny submits to undergoing the first phase of her metamorphosis into a living sex monster! Painful bone stretching and shaving, agonizing skin tightening and gloss, severe insertions, injections, augmentations and replacements…inhuman modifications, brain shattering IQ lowering sound and electrical waves to her skull…The breast expansion alone made Bunny pass out from the pain twelve times alone! Bunny is put to more tortures here than in some dungeons she’s had the misfortune of visiting!

The operations and body mods are utterly excruciating AND expensive, and this is only phase ONE! She comes out of her many surgeries looking like a freak sex doll, barely able to walk, or sting a full sentence together, and in constant pain and discomfort…. and spending thousands of dollars in the process! The ‘doctors’ laugh all the way to the bank, while Bunny goes out in search of her first victims to drain of cash!

Will she succeed? Will she go back for phase two of her bimbofication process? What will she be subject to next? What will she LOOK like next?

It’s time for you to all weigh in and let ME know if you’d like to see another chapter to this story and see what Bunny will end up looking like NEXT!

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Thanks everyone!!