Bunny’s severe punishment for a horrible, disrespectful and hideous belly dancing display continues! Remember, Bunny not only disrespected her Middle Eastern hosts with her whorish dance, BUT she also spilled the ashes of one of their most highly esteemed leaders from a sacred urn with her clumsy disregard! Now, Bunny’s punishment moves into phase two!

Bunny’s initial punishment involved the utter destruction of her midsection through a prolonged whipping ceremony that was geared to deeply scar her body in that area beyond any hope of repair! Mission accomplished! The whipping session virtually got her torso flogged to the bone! It will be a long time before even Bunny’s recuperative powers can remove her torso’s disfigurement!

Phase two of the punishment involves the complete destruction of the focal point of the belly dancing girl, the navel! Bunny is bound to a sturdy metal chair, has jagged boulders forced behind her back to not only force her belly out, but to ruin her spine and posture during the prolonged torture event!

The first tool to be used on Bunny’s bejeweled belly button is the heavy pliers! For some strange reason, despite the remarkable and scathing whipping Bunny endured to her torso, the huge round jewel in her navel remained in place! Before the punishments to disfigure her belly hole can take place, that jewel must be removed! When Bunny realizes what the pliers are for she begins to panic, then scream!

“PLEASE NO!! Don’t take that out!!! It’s attached!!! IT’S ATTACHED!!! NO! I BEG YOU PLEASE!!!!”

It turns out that the bauble stuck in Bunny’s Big Belly Button was put there with an extremely deep and painful piercing! They had to Pull Bunny’s Belly Button out, pierce it, attach the jewel with a long chain, and set it into her! The pressure it took to suction Bunny’s deep navel out was tremendous because of its depth!

Now, the pliers are applied and the strongest of the three Torturers uses all of his strength to pull out the stubborn navel decoration! The pain to Bunny is almost incalculable! The jewel finally gets pulled out like a rotten tooth, or a rubber boot stuck up to the calf in mud! It makes a sickening sound ending with a deafening POP! The only thing louder is Bunny’s screams of PAIN!

The piercing is ripped out, and now….The TRUE torture can begin!!

What tools of pain will be used on Bunny’s abdomen in the next chapter!? Be here to find out! Torture like you’ve never dreamed will be applied to …..Poor Bunny!