They promised a punishment to Bunny that was far worse than death! So far, that promise is well on its way to being earned by the stupid, bimbo with the big tits!

Bunny must pay for both a bad, insulting, and utterly unforgivable belly dance performance, but also for desecrating the sacred ashes of the deceased leader of the group of middle Eastern businessmen! Her level of incompetence, ignorance, disrespect and insolence, has never been experienced by this strict culture before! Therefore her punishment must fit the crimes! Thus continues the lashing of remarkable proportions!

Bunny has long since lost consciousness in her bonds and hangs virtually lifeless, unable to resist the repeated whip strikes against her exposed torso by three men! The perpetual whip strikes bounce Bunny’s ugly carcass around dislodging her fat tit bags from her tiny bikini top! Those slapping udders get a few whips of their own just for being in the way! The men have no interest in her continual pain no matter where their whips land, and do not care if she is conscious or not during the ordeal, (of course it WOULD be an added bonus, and after three hours of continual whipping, Bunny HAS held out the longest by two and a half hours still awake and in agony!). The main purpose of this phase of her punishment is to irrevocably disfigure and deeply scar her torso, back to front, so that she may never show it again out of shame! Her waist is wasted, and Bunny finds a new way to take inches off of her middle! The Whip Masters almost reduce Bunny’s belt line to bone in the constant flogging! The terrible beating sends froth from between Bunny’s lips from deep within her belly!

Finally, after the fifth hour, the men stop…If they had gone an additional hour, it would be likely that Bunny’s body would be held together by nothing but her spine!! The men actually marvel at the fact that somehow her belly button jewel remains stuck in her without much of a belly button left around it…No matter…The next phase of her torture will begin within hours!

Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter! POOR BUNNY!