If you’ve been with us so far, you’ll know why Bunny is once again tied with her hands above her head, in bondage and in this predicament!

Bunny had traveled to the middle East to perform a belly dance for some very wealthy oil and munitions dealers on the sacred anniversary of their former leaders death…It seemed innocent enough, but Bunny always finds a way to fuck things up with her stupidity, or her utterly whoreish behavior…usually both!

It wasn’t long before she fucked up royally by turning what could have been a 20 minute sultry, but entertaining dance, into a Super Slut Display of Disgusting Stripper Action! Grabbing and rubbing her pussy, licking her big fat exposed tits and nipples, then, drunk on the ‘exposure’ she was getting by all of the rich gentlemen in the audience, she stumbles over to the pedestal where the ashes of their deceased elder was, and knocked it over, spilling his remains on the carpet!

Any one of these acts would have been met with fates far worse than death for anyone! The punishments so horrific and painful, others begged to die…Bunny however will be put to consequences far worse to pay for what she has done!

After being apprehended, she is ushered into an empty room save for a rack of various whips and rope and pulley device which her wrists are immediately attached to! She hauled up, almost to her tip-toes…Then it begins! A whipping of such epic proportions none have seen anything quite like it for centuries! The goal is to pinpoint and destroy Bunny’s middle body…the area around her navel and lower back! Reduce her to bone if they have to! This is all in the attempt to make her too scarred and ugly to ever belly dance again! Three large men begin the thrashing, and although Bunny is quite used to being whipped, this form of whipping begins so forcefully, it lifts her off of her bare feet!

After about 4 minutes, Bunny is in so much agony, she wonders if she can survive this ordeal!

We will see! Tune in next week for more pain, and likely less of Bunny!