That’s it! That is what finally broke the camels’ back! Bunny, trying to impress her Middle Eastern audience, not only shames them with a Whore’s take on the classic form of dance entertainment, but carelessly knocks over the ashes of one of their deceased exalted leaders the group was there to honor!

The punishment for this horrible atrocity to their culture, has never been meted out to another human being before because it was deemed too horrific and inhumane even by THEIR standards! Bunny is quickly restrained after the clumsy, insensitive incident and is held fast! The enraged audience simmers around her while their leader approaches her and delivers her sentence in his native tongue! The crowd gasps at the litany of punishments Bunny is set to endure! It will all be in the purpose of ensuring that IF she survives the truly hellish ordeal, she would NEVER be physically able to perform a belly dance again!

Bunny is bewildered at what is now happening to her, as she was under the idea that her slutty stripper show/belly dance was getting cheers from the audience…NOT so! After the lengthy sentence has been completed, Bunny and her fat ass and big sloppy tits are dragged away by the guards, to the cheers of the crowd! Her sentence is to be carried out immediately, with no time for her to protest or try to procure aid.

The men discuss the possibility of video taping the entire ordeal Bunny is to face, both to demoralize the West, and to sell on the black market as a ‘Death by Torture’ video! Definitely NOT to jerk off to later…

Within minutes, Bunny is strung up and within seconds, her torturers enter the chamber to carry out their brutal work!!

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