Bunny, the dumbest whore in history, lives up to her title once again when she travels to the Middle East to entertain foreign military and oil lords at a solemn and prestigious gathering.. Her performance as a belly dancer starts out innocently enough, however her outfit of choice was, from the outset, far more revealing than normal, and the navel decoration she chose, strangely over sized for her belly button…These things could be overlooked. It is when she began consumed with attention, misinterpreting the shouts and jeers to her less than stellar belly dancing abilities, thinking they were a form of applause, that things quickly got out of hand!

Bunny has always been a regular whore, but also, a whore for attention…when she heard what she thought were encouraging cheers of delight from the angered audience, she began to switch her lazy, belly dance into something of a cheap, embarrassing, utterly slutty, striptease! She squeezes her over sized tit sacs together, pushes them out of her cheap, flimsy bikini top, licks her fat pink nipples, tweaks them stiff with her fingers, rubs her pussy, twerks her fat ass, all of the regular played out, tawdry stripper crap…. The fundamentalist audience became increasingly enraged, and now, on the verge of abject disgust! They rise from their seats collectively to apprehend the infidel bitch, but are frozen in horror as her plump, sweaty, gyrating body inches closer and closer to an urn filled with the ashes of a beloved and honored elder on a pedestal!

Bunny’s clumsy ass blindly hits the pedestal as the audience watches it teeter!! If it were not to fall, Bunny may get off with just a public whipping, followed by a stoning, followed by having her labia and clitoris removed with blunt, rusty tools by a leper…If it were to fall due to her supreme idiocy, a fate 1,000 times worse will be her reward!

Tune in next time for the resulting atrocities that will befall Bunny…either way!

Of course, you all should bet on the 1,000 worse outcome!