As Bunny Belly dances for some rich oil and military tycoons in the middle East, she begins to get drunk on the attention to her slutty body! Her gyrations become more suggestive and lurid. Her gestures become borderline pornographic, and she slowly sinks back into the dancing routine of her first vocation, that of being a tasteless stripper! On several occasions her fat tits nearly spill out of her ridiculous bikini top…The jewel or marble or whatever she stuck into her navel is much too big and tawdry and she continually has to stop and force it into herself deeper, and her body language goes from a barely classy belly dancer, to outright gutter whore stripper!

This now brings anger and outrage to her audience and there’s no telling what they are capable of doing to the slutty tramp should her ‘dance’ get worse! There are a number of ‘boo’s and hisses’ coming from the crowd, but Bunny interprets that as foreign sounds of approval! In her stupid, ignorant, arrogant brain, she feels that she has to increase the level of sexy to her dance to really get some noise going from her audience! As a result, she begins to sweat like a pig, spraying her salty body liquid on the audience!

“Well,” Bunny thinks, “They haven’t seen anything yet! It’s not a dance unless one or both of my nipples can be seen!”

At this rate, it won’t be long until the Saudis administer their strict, merciless law on Bunny and that will be the end of her and her belly dancing career!

What will be the thing Bunny does to be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels’ back and has her taken away to be severely disciplined? Stay tuned for next weeks’ episode of ‘Bunny’s Belly Dancing Blunder!’