You would think that the punishment would eventually stop…it’s still inhuman, but at least Bunny MIGHT have a chance at survival…But no, the hideous torture that was administered to the navel of the dumb bimbo bitch, has been increased!!

It wasn’t enough that her torso was whipped to the bone, or that her navel piercing was ripped out her deep sweaty navel, a medieval pear device was inserted into Bunny’s belly button and cranked up and out, stretching the flesh walls of her already sore, stinging hole!

Then…more cruelty! A heating element was attached to the stretching device in Bunny’s navel and set to broil! The pain and grotesque results had Bunny shrieking in agony and pass out only to be revived over and over to see her navel become a blistered, distended, smoldering atrocity in the middle of her once sexy body! It is almost impossible to imagine any further assault on Bunny’s body in that specific area, but they leave the heating coil device attached to her navel pear peril…and LEAVE FOR THE NIGHT!!!

No human being could take that sort of hideous affront and blinding pain, so Bunny’s mind collapses and she becomes catatonic! As the navel murdering machine continues to obliterate that ‘gorgeous man getter,’ as Bunny herself would put it, she descends further into shock and mindlessness, and becomes a drooling, twitching piece of half naked disgrace! Bunny was a gorgeous total bimbo whore…now…just…UGH!

Bunny is jolted out of unconsciousness the next day when the blistering pear is removed from her revolting belly opening, and a large metal funnel is brutally hammered into its place! Er head has to be held while the procedure takes place as she reacts so violently, it is feared that she will break her own neck!

The next phase in her punishment has now begun and it seems yet again, that any more horror visited upon her poor belly button could not even theoretically occur….You will have to return next week to see what that next phase is, and if Bunny can live through it!