They JUST will NOT give up!

Bunny has been sentenced to a severe, horrific, inhuman Middle Eastern punishment for multiple crimes and infractions to her hosts abroad. These punishments are meant to satisfy both their governing laws and religious beliefs and the full measure of the ensuing punishment must be carried out on Bunny, even if she expires during the ordeal! It is NOT about causing pain to the victim as much it is an assurance that the victim can never again perform a belly dance…if she survives…

To this end, Bunny has been tortured in such a way that her suffering will leave her parts specific to belly dancing unusually scarred, deformed or inoperable! So far her punishment has concentrated on her torso. Her belly and back have been flogged almost to the bone and she has been left with horrendous scars all over that area! It is taking even Bunny, with her far above average recuperative powers an incredibly long time to heal from these wounds…even if she ever CAN!

Now the tortures attack the helpless heroines belly button…the main source and focal point of the belly dance! They have succeeded in pulling out Bunny’s large navel bauble piercing, with much agony for her as a result, then, a device most cruel in the history of torture, the metal PEAR, had been deeply inserted into Bunny’s bare belly button hole, and slowly….painfully opened! The result is Bunny’s belly button stretched open many many times its natural size! The goal is to keep the surrounding flesh stretched for such a time that it never reverts back to normal, and she is left with a massive deep, ugly crater on her belly!

That would seem to be the ultimate in long term body atrocity, but now as Bunny begins to realize, with these punishments, it’s never enough…a metal heating element is presented to Bunny as she shakes uncontrollably from her navel expansion pain! She can scarcely believe that the men could be so sadistically inventive! The heating coil is clamped to the stretching pear she is wearing in her navel, and steam begins to rise! The heat dives deep into Bunny’s belly and soon a hissing sound can be heard way down in the stretched hole of Bunny!

Her screaming begins, and it is accentuated with the fear that it is unknown to her the extent of how long they will leave her to suffer this new punishment! Will Bunny even HAVE a navel after all of this!? She had always flaunted her bare belly button, and considered it one of her prized possessions…it always commanded the attention of men and their sexual advances…now as Bunny looks down at it, the fear that it is to be destroyed for good, begins to dissolve her brain and make her go insane!

Stay tuned for next weeks’ installment of Bunny’s Belly Dancing Blunder!