Did you think that we had forgotten Bunny’s belly dancing blunder punishment? Not a chance! The clumsy bitch bimbo MUST PAY!

When last we saw Bunny she was having a jewel that was kept stationary within her large cavernous navel with a deeply wrought piercing, painfully pulled out of her by a giant muscular man and his pliers! After a lengthy battle, the bauble was eventually removed from her body with a sickeningly, agonizing ‘POP!’ This left Bunny crying in pain and her navel now open and vulnerable to further penetrating abuse!

The torturers laugh at the ugly hole Bunny now sports on her scarred torso, and within moments she is presented with another tool of belly button destruction! The torturer picks the device off of the table of other horror devices and makes sure that Bunny gets a good look at it! At first, Bunny has difficulty recognizing the hand held machine…perhaps her vision is blurry because of the tears of pain clouding it…then the torturer activates the device by turning its handle! Bunny stares in shock and disbelief! It is something that she recognizes having been used on her more than a few times in the past…a ‘Vaginal Pear!’ It’s a machine that, when inserted into a body cavity, can slowly be cranked open by way of the screw handle, to painfully stretch open and deform said orifice…sometimes past the point of permanent dis-figuration! Bunny has had her pussy hole destroyed by this type of hellish contraption before, but this time even she knows where they plan to insert the pear to cause the bodily destruction!

Within seconds of Bunny’s thought, the pear has been inserted DEEP within the depths of her sore navel hole! It is forced painfully down by the cruel hands of the muscular torturer then, further with the aid of the second male muscled torturer, and even further when the third muscled monster man lends his strength! Bunny howls and screams and begs them to stop, promising to suck their cocks, let them gang bang her other holes, and let them suck her tits dry! They care not for her sexual barter and continue their grim work on her stomach!

Once the pear has been crammed as deep as possible, it is time to let it blossom inside her cramped belly button hole! Slowly the petals separate! With each turn of the screw, Bunny’s once gorgeous navel expands horrifically outwards, skin stretching further…further, until her navel is the circumference of a can of cat food, and as deep as a can of soda! Then, more stretching! Bunny hooks down in blinding pain and pitiful sorrow as one of her prized possessions is slowly being deformed! The screw is again manipulated…Streeeeetch bitch, STRETCH!!! The angry torturer says in his native language as he continues to turn the screw on the pears’ handle with his strong calloused sausage sized fingers!

Bunny has to be revived multiple times as she passes out with pain and shame! Eventually the pear is unfurled to it’s maximum size, and Bunny’s belly button crevasse begins to fill with her own drool, sweat and tears as it slides down her body. The pear will not be removed until her navel cannot recover from the stretching…The goal here was not necessarily to cause the victim pain, like the whipping before it, it was meant to destroy that precious part of the body needed to properly preform an enticing belly dance! Bunny’s navel will have the pear kept in it until it STAYS an ugly, flaccid, deep, discolored cavern in the middle of her stomach…..at LEAST…or if not….something WORSE!

Next week….Something Worse!!!