It seems that our heroine Bunny has gone to Saudi Arabia on a work exchange program for the government! It is all in the hopes that she can get away from all of the chaos in her life recently. It gets kind of tough when you are constantly abducted and tortured virtually to death every week! Bunny in her infinite wisdom, decides to go to the one place on Earth where she thins she will be safe, and can perhaps even start a new life!

She has studied the art of belly dancing intensely for one week, and feels that she is ready to ply her new trade abroad. She signs up for an entertainment company called ‘Star Bitches,’ and they set her up with gigs across the desert nation! Her first belly dancing solo show is an extremely prestigious one! She is to provide her nearly naked dancing to a number of secret oil and munitions heads at a gala dinner.

Bunny is excited to be the center of attention once more and prepares by stuffing her fat tits into a teeny tiny bikini top, lacing her thong sash, and inserting a large round jewel deep within her navel, giving it more attention…When her time to entertain the Saudis comes, she makes as grand and sexy entrance as she can! This seems a bit off putting to the men at first, especially as they are there to also honor the death of one of their elderly leaders and up until now the atmosphere was quite somber…

Bunny gestures and gyrates in front of the men and for the moment, all seems cautiously optimistic with just a few murmurs back and forth within the audience in disapproval of her outwardly sexual and disrespectful manner she is conducting herself.

It will get, as it always does for Bunny, worse!

In the following story, you will witness the barbaric techniques used on Bunny to ensure that she NEVER belly dances again! In fact the methods administered will ensure that she CANNOT with the resulting body she will be given!

Tune in next week for more of Bunny’s Belly Dancing Blunder!