After what seems like weeks being tortured and painfully experimented on by a trio of evil aliens aboard their ship, our unlucky heroine is tested in extreme pain absorption in a new torture device, one that can change her molecules in a very painful way, turning her into different horrific things!

After being turned into a brittle living mineral and then being shattered to bits, Bunny is put back together again, only to be turned into a bizarre patchwork of weird alien life forms. Not only is this procedure incredibly painful to her body, Bunny weeps at the utter humiliation she feels at the sight of her once beautiful form being continuously turned into different kinds of weird monsters…Her horrible bodily transformations continue for hours until the aliens finally turn her into a clear vessel that contains several forms of unstable energy. The aliens rejoice as the indicators on the machine report that their poor subject has pain readings that are off even their charts! Her insides explode, her skin burns and her brain turns into nothing but a rapidly dissipating light!It’s agony that Bunny could never have experienced before in her life!

How can it get any worse for Bunny? Tune in next week and find out!