t has been quite a space odyssey for our dumb Bunny, About a week ago, while taking a walk in the woods, she was abducted by aliens from another world. Since then and fairly non stop, she’s been put to severe alien torture experiments, each more devastating than the last. In fact the last one shattered her brain completely, and forced her to pass out.

While Bunny is left alone to finally recuperate from the fantastic brain manipulation tortures, one of the alien beings secretly enters the chamber. He wants to continue to experiment on the mentally devastated captive some more. Bunny’s continued frantic begging once again falls on deaf ears as the warped alien being forces her to feel things being done to her gorgeous body that would devastate a normal human being once again. The difference this time is that the alien turns off the area of Bunny’s brain that forces her to pass out from pain, allowing him to torture and destroy her indefinitely. With her brain now a gooey sludge and as a final insulting humiliation, the alien creature gives his unfortunate prisoner the brain capacity of a small dog, and while in most cases it would be a step up in intelligence for our dumb Bunny, it also forces her to act just like a mindless mutt.

What does this sick alien want with doggie Bunny? Wasn’t she obedient enough? Find out in next week’s chapter!