Aliens have abducted Bunny and have been submitting her naked body to horrendous extraterrestrial experimental torture, the likes she has never experienced before… The latest punishment involves manipulating Bunny’s mind and torturing her from within. After staggering humiliation brain torture manipulations, Bunny is put to the next phase. As the strange tubercles that have entered her head begin to throb, controlled by the aliens at the strange podium, they deliver more mental anguish. This is horrible for her because this time the aliens make her think things that she can physically feel. Bunny’s brain is bombarded with all sorts of cruelty. The aliens make her think that she is being slowly crushed to death, blown to little Bunny bits, stretched apart, boiled in oil, impaled and everything in between. Eventually Bunny’s brain snaps at the fantastic pain that she experiences in her mind and she mercifully passes out as the aliens rejoice in their awesome ability to deliver bizarre forms of pain to their well-endowed captive.

Will it continue being the worst trip Bunny has ever taken or with the aliens show her mercy and kick her wretched ass out into space ending her pain? Find out next Friday!